print and make a free advent calendar

There are several free to print advent calendars online. One of the easiest to make is also one off the best.

You’ll need a few things to make an advent calendar. A PC, a printer, a pritt stick or paper glue, a good craft knife and a template to work from. You’ll need about 24 xmas or family photos for behind the doors of the advent calendar you’re going to print and make.

The Printable advent calendar template we’ll be using is made by kodak, with the aim of pushing their range of inkjet printers, but serves our purpose.

First open the template and print the second and third page, there is helpful instructions on the first page to make sure it prints correctly.

You should have 2 pages now. a front page with windows and a blankish back sheet with spaces marked to hold your christmas images or photos on. (You can import the advent calendar PDF template into a photo editor and directly print your 24 smaller images onto the rear page to avoid having to cut them to fit the layout).

Carefully cut the windows and doors open using a craft knife, cutting only 3 side to leave the 4th as a hinge.

Glue your pictures to the second “back” sheet of yout printed calendar.

Then simply Glue the front sheet carefully to the back sheet and leave to dry.

A quick and simple self print personalised advent calendar.

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