Self print website almost ready.

So, after a few days mucking about I finally got the website working. WordPress is really nice for ease of setup. I have my various plug ins and think I’ve settled for a design I like.

The Twitter account is up and running I’ll add a link to it on the website in a nice prominant location, once I figure out what im doing lol.

I’ll probably start posting tomorrow, or perhaps sunday, theres still some back end stuff I want to sort out and then I have to plan out what I’m going to post about.

Since christmas is coming up (fast), I though it would make sense to start with xmas crafting and printable items. Advent calendars you can print out, snowmen blanks to print and decorate, cards and so much more. I’ll most likely start with a selection of self print advent calendars, both basic fixed designs to advent calendar templates you can download, customise then print.

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