Retro sinclair zx spectrum atic atac free printable poster

retro ZX spectrum atic atac word artI loved atic atac as a kid. It was one of the first computer games i ever played. sitting at the little rubber keys trying to get my serf or knight or wizard out of the mansion. LOVED it.

Still do. So for a little bit of retro art I put together a massive atic atac printable (about 110 x 84cm) piece of word art. A0 for those who like their DIN standards.

Dont worry theres a handy A4 version if you dont need it so large. Just download the one you might need. The A0 one can be scaled to print at any size under it by playing with rthe pdf printing settings, but the A4 version is just convenient.

So heres the links to the two PDF files.

atic atac A0 PDF

atic atac A4 PDF

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