Hi I’m janice, I’, glad you took the time to drop by.

Self Print it started as a hobby site to share my enjoyment of printing and creating things using paper and simple materials. From simple colouring in sheets for my daughters to the wedding initations for my wedding, you can save a fortune and have some fun printing and crafting items that normally cost quite a lot of money. And best of all you can probably start with what you have around you. A pc or device that can access the web and a printer. It doesn’t have to be fancy, simple basic tools and printers work fine.

Add a pair of good scissors, a craft knife and a good ruler and cutting mat or surface and your all set. Glue, tape glitter colouring pens all these little items can be picked up as you go along. but the basic item is simply a printer and a PC and your good to go.

I want to bring you all the best self printable goodies from around the web, from fantastic free safety signs that businesses can use to save money to print your own christmas decorations and other fun items

And best of all most if not all of them will be free. I’ll be linking to external sites with good items as well as sharing with you my own creations and projects.

dont worry if you just want the odd colouring in sheet for your kid you’ll find plenty of those as well.

If you have any questions, hints, tips or ideas you’d like to share or see on this site dont be afraid to ask simply email me or leave a comment at the end of a post, and I’ll try and answer as best as I can. You’ll find me on twitter and facebook as well if you want to contact me using those.

Self printing free items online can be fun, save you money and hopefully you’ll find lots of reasons to come back and visit me some more.


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